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Their Last Visitor

2020, B&W, 39'57", Live Action
Dir: LEE Jea-han
Keyword: Drama


Film Awards
The 2nd Gangneung International Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2020,Korea)

Jinho works at a film production for 4 years. He surprises for his old colleague Suyoung’s visit whom he hasn’t seen over a year. She said that she was in Switzerland and got married with someone there. Jinho goes through a lot for a day. It’s not just him, but also the people around him. On this very day, the company’s clock keeps slowing down, Jinho keeps falling asleep then waking up again and people he hasn’t seen for a long time, they come back then go away.


Director's Note

Once I stayed alone in the office and it suddenly took me back. It’s mostly the thoughts about people and most of them are now never to be seen again. Falling out with them, it’s no longer meaningful to meet again. That day, I oddly thought of the old days till late. And a question occurred to me as “What were that people?” Having this in my mind, I made this film.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Jea-han

Graduated from Sangmyung University, film dept.


2020     [Their Last Visitor] 40min

           2nd Gangneung International Film Festival (2020, South Korea)

46th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2020, South Korea)



Director/Writer LEE Jea-han

Producer KIM Su-min
Assistant director JO Hee-young
Cinematographer KIM Su-min
Recording SEO Ji-hoon, LEE Jin-keun
Editing LEE Jea-han



Jinho                          SHIN Seok-ho

Suyoung                     KIM Sae-byuk

Youngju                      SEOL Chan-mi