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A School Rep.

2008, Color, 15'55", Live Action
Dir: PARK Sang-joon
Keyword: Drama, Youth


Film Awards
Korean American Film Festival New York Urban (2010,USA)
The 2nd Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles (2010,USA)
The 4th Korean American Film Festival New York (2010,USA)
The 3rd China Mobile Film Festival, Int'l Competition (2009,China)
The 7th Asiana Int’l Short Film Festival (2009,Korea)
The 5th Singapore Short Film Festival (2009,Singapore)
The 39th Giffoni Int'l Children's Film Festival, Competition (2009,Italy)
The 11th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2009,Korea)
The 26th Busan Asian Short Film Festival, Competition (2009,Korea)
The 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival, 2nd Prize in Amateur Section (2008,Korea)
eMotion Film Festival, Best Award (2008,Korea)
Sun-ah is the most beautiful student with the highest grade in school. Everyone, including teachers and friends, knows that she will be elected for the new student rep. at the upcoming school election. One day, her teacher gave an examination without notice. She could not solve a question and that hurts her pride.
Director's Note
I wanted to review growth, social notion, and power by observing an adolescent girl who committed falsity to achieve high social status. I wondered how she would grow up with such experiences from her early days.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- PARK Sang-joon
Born in 1967, Kangwon.
Graduated from Yonsei University. Dep. of Philosophy
2008 [A School Rep.] HD, color, 15min.
          Korean American Film Festival New York Urban (2010, USA)
          Asia Int'l Competition, 7th Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (2010, Japan)
          Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles (2010, USA)
          4th Korean American Film Festival New York (2010, USA)
          Int'l Competition, 3rd China Mobile Film Festival (2009, China)
          7th Asiana Int’l Short Film Festival (2009, Seoul)
          5th Singapore Short Film Festival(2009, Singapore)
          Competition, 39th Giffoni Film Festival(2009, Italy)
          11th Seoul Int’l Youth Film Festival (2009,Korea)
          Competition, Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2009, Korea)
          2nd Prize in Amateur Section, 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival (2008, Korea)
          Best Awards, eMotion Film Festival (2008, Korea)
Production - OZONE FILM
Producer - PARK We-seok
Director/screenwriter - PARK Sang-joon
Assistant director - PARK Sung-jin
Cinematography - KIM Gi-tae
Editing - LEE Do-hyun
Lighting - PARK In-seok
Composing - KIM Eun-jung
Mixing - KIM Soo-duk
Recording - JEONG Hyun-soo
Art - PARK Lee-kyu
SEO Woo as Sun-ah
SEO Jang-won as Mr. KIM
KIM Jeong-young as Ms. MOON