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Sunflower Blues

1999, Color, 35', Live Action
Dir: KIM Han-min
Keyword: Drama, Comedy


Film Awards
The 2nd Jeju Tmong Film Festival (2003,korea)
The 1st Korea Visual Arts Festival, Encouragement Award (2000,Korea)
Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2000,Korea)
The 4th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2000,Korea)
The 4th Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (1999,Korea)
The 2nd Shinyoung Short Film Festival
A young woman, Soon-ym sees psychiatrist due to her depression from her unsuccessful love affair. Doo-sik, a man of few words, is going to go somewhere for drug-dealing as usual. Detective Choi, drug inspector, suffers from deep sorrow caused by his wife's death.
Eventually they meet each other, driven by car crash...
Director's Note
Is there more hopeful moment in our whole lives than the time when we love others? And is there more hopeful moment in the moment of love than the first time we meet each other? I have been caught by the thought of making such a movie that gives a vivid touch through those encounter in lonely and desolate situation.
Making this film, my key interest is a rhythmical deployment of sound. through which the internal dramatic completion could be achieved.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Han-min

Born in Soon-cheon, 1969
Graduated from Graduate School of Dong-Guk University, Dept. of Film Arts

1995 [A Painter Story] 8mm, 20 min.
1995 [Beyond ... ] 16mm, 18min.
1997 [Sympathy] 16mm, 22min.
1998 [Rush] 16mm, 7min.
1999 [Sunflower Blues] 35mm, color, 35min.
          2nd Jeju Tmong Film Festival (2003, Korea)
          "Made in Korea", 4th Puchon Int'l Film Festival (2000, Korea)
           Encouragement Award, 1st Korean Cinematographers' Awards (1999, Korea)
           Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2000, Korea)
           IndieForum, Korean Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (1999, Korea)
2003 [Kal-chi Gae-dam] DV 6mm, color, 20min.

director/ producer/ screenwriter: KIM Han-min
assistant director: LEE Jong-eon
photography: CHUNG Chung-hoon
editor: KIM Han-min
lighting: CHOI Seok-jae
music: HAN Jae-kwon

KIM Seok/KIM Ha-rra/CHO Sung-yeon/PARK Sang-Ki