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The Man called 'Tiger'

2007, Color, 10'30", Live Action
Dir: KWON Hyeok-jae
Keyword: Drama, Action


Film Awards
Korean Shorfilm Showcase (2011,Russia)
Late section chief, KOO Bon-chi is exiled to a special mission room. He starts to work vigorously to get his boss's sign on document.
Director's Note
In a black-comic action genre film, I tried to express a worker who's frustrated with various flaws he sees in company begins to lash out violently against the company.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- KWON Hyeok-jae
Born in 1980, Daegu
Graudated from Dongguk University, Dept. of Film
Attending Dongguk University Graduate School of Image and Film Production 

2004  [Play Button] DV 6mm, color, 16min.
          Grand Prize, 6th Seoul Int’l Youth Film Festival (2004, Korea)
          Grand Prize, CBS Digital Broadcast Video Work Contest (2004)
          Silver Prize, 4th Dream Invitation Movie Award (2004, Korea)
          1st University Film Festival of Korea (2005, Korea)
          1st Anyang Frontier Film Festival (2005, Korea)
          1st Busan Universiade for Digital Contents (2005, Korea)
          6th Seoul Net/Film Festival (2005, Korea)
2005  [The Punch] DV 6mm, color, 21min.
          1st Busan Universiade for Digital Contents (2005, Korea)
          Silver Prize, 5th Dream Invitation Movie Award (2005, Korea)
2006  [Detective No. 62] DV 6mm, b/w, 15min.
          2nd Busan Universiade for Digital Contents (2006, Korea)
          10th Puchon Int’l Fantastic Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          7th Seoul Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          6th New Media Festival in Seoul (2006, Korea)
          [Art of War] HDV, color, 7'50" 
          Korean Shorfilm Showcase (2011, Russia)
          8th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2007, Korea)
          Digital Express, 7th Seoul Net Festival (2007, Korea)
          Best Film, 6th Mise-en-scène’s Short Film Festival (2007, Korea)
          First Prize in Film, 1st CJ Young Festival (2006, Korea)
2007  [The Man Called 'Tiger'] 35mm, color, 10'30" 
          Regional Tour of a Korean Program (2011, Russia & Belorussia)
          Korean Shorfilm Showcase (2011, Russia)
Director/screenwriter : KWON Hyeok-jae
Production : Dongguk University
Cinematography : JUNG Suk-won
Editing : KO Im-pyo
Lighting : KWON Soon-kyoung
Composer : HUH Yoon-won
Mixing : KIM Ki-hyeon
Art : BAEK Sung-woon
JUNG Chang-hyeon as KOO Bon-chi