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If You Were Me

2003, Color,B&W, 110', Live Action
Dir: PARK Kwang-su, PARK Jin-pyo, PARK Chan-wook, YEO ..
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Women, Rights, O..


This is a special omnibus film dealing with human rights issues made by 6 Korean leading directors.
It consists of 6 episodes: “The Weight of Her”, high school girls forced to have plastic surgery to get jobs; “The Man with an Affair”, a pedophile whose identity is exposed to the public and even his dignity is ignored; “Crossing” a symbolic message about discrimination and prejudice by showing a handicapped paralytic trying to cross the street of the heart of Seoul; “Tongue Tie” a little boy lies on the operating table to pronounce ‘R’ better; “Face Value” a man in a car looks down a gorgeous girl working at a parking lot; “Never Ending Peace and Love” a foreign worker sent to a mental hospital as not being able to speak Korean, which is based on an incredible true story.
Director's Note
The ' Weight' of Her
“If you have your own standards for judging the appearances of others, then those standards will not change.
I want to plant some confidence in kids today who lack self-conviction.”
-IM Soon-rae

The Man with an Affair
“When the banner of human rights protects even those rights that should justifiably be ignored, only then can a society be deemed truly civilized. ”
-JUNG Jae-eun

“I hope to provide an opportunity where the audience can practice the thought of becoming another person and let others within themselves. ”
-YEO Gyun-dong

Tongue Tie
“In the name of their children, people commit unspeakable acts one cannot even bear to look at.
I invite the audience to open their eyes wide and watch this film to the end. The biggest violation of human rights is the arrogance of deciding your children’s lives.”
-PARK Jin-pyo

Face Value
“Like the main character who goes around in circles unable to escape the parking lot of the funeral, aren’t we like a car futilely turning its wheels as we go round-and-round inside the prejudice in our lives?”
-PARK Kwang-soo

N.E.P.A.L. Never Ending Peace And Love
“I did not focus on the story of one particular person. I wanted to portray the indifference and incompetence of many and the consequent sorrow.”
-PARK Chan-wook
Director's Bio / Filmography
- JEONG Jae-eun
Born in 1969.
studied film at Korean National University of Arts. 

2001  [Take Care of My Cat] 35mm, 110min.
2003  [The Man with an Affair, an episode of omnibus film; If You Were Me] 35mm, color, 18min
2005  [The Aggressives] 35mm, color, 107min.

- YEO Kyun-dong

Born in Seoul, 1958.
Graduated with Philosophy from Seoul National University

1994  [Out to the World] 35mm, 100min.
         Int’l Forum, 45th Berlin Int’l Film Festival (1996, Germany)
         1st Pusan Int’l Film Festival (1995, Korea)
1995  [Man?] 35mm, 86min.
1996  [Coat] Beta, 12min.
         Wide Angle, 2nd Pusan Int’l Film Festival (1997, Korea)
1998  [Killer Story] 35mm, 98min.
         3rd Pusan Int’l Film Festival (1998, Korea)
1999  [My Computer] 16mm, 14min.
2000  [La Belle] 35mm, 90min.
         5th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2000, Korea)
2003  [Crossing, an episode of omnibus film; If You Were Me] 35mm, color, 14min
2005  [Silk Shoes] 35mm, 100min.
         Competition, 20th Fribourg Int’l Film Festival (2005, Switzerland)
         10th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2005, Korea)

- PARK Jin-pyo

Born in Seoul, 1966.
Graduated from Film Department at Chung Ang University.
Has been a very successful documentary producer and director for televisionb made over 30 documentary films as a producer for SBS TV and ITV.

2002  [Too Young to Die] 35mm, 67min.
         FIPRESCI Awards/New Currents Awards/PSB Awards, 7th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2002, Korea)
         Critics’ Week, 56th Canne Int’l Film Festival (2002, France)
2003  [Tongue Tie, an episode of omnibus film; If You Were Me] 35mm, color, 12min
2005  [You are My Sunshine] 35mm, color, 121min.
2007  [Voice of Murderer] 35mm, color, 122min.
2009  [Closer to Heaven] 35mm, color, 121min.

- PARK Kwang-su

Born in Sokcho, 1955.
Studied at Seoul National University and at ESEC Film School in Paris.

1988  [Chilsu and Mansu] 35mm, 108min.
        3rd Prize, 42nd Locarno Int’l Film Festival (Switzerland)
        Int’l Forum, 39th Berlin Int’l Film Festival (Germany)
1990  [Black Republic] 35mm, 100min.
1991  [Berlin Report] 35mm, 100min.
        16th Hong Kong Int’l Film Festival (Hong Kong)
        28th Karlovy Vary Film Festival (Czech Republic)
        Best Cinematograph, 37th Asian Pacific Film Festival (Indonesia)
1993  [To the Starry Island] 35mm, 101min.
1995  [A Single Spark] 35mm, 96min.
        Competition, 46th Berlin Int’l Film Festival (Germany)
1999  [The Uprising] 35mm, 100min.
        52nd Locarno Int’l Film Festival (Switzerland)
2000  [Come Off with the Underwear Off] DV 6mm, 30min.
2003  [Face Value, an episode of omnibus film; If You Were Me] 35mm, color, 12min

- PARK Chan-wook

Born in 1963. After graduating with a degree in philosophy, PARK Chan-wook debuted with Moon is the Sun’s Dream (1992). The Trio (1997) dealt in a comic vein with a trio on the run from the law. But it was Joint Security Area JSA (2000) that brought director PARK to the top status of commercial directors in Korea. With this latest film, he has produced another masterpiece.

1992  [The Moon Is… the Sun’s Dream] 35mm. 103min.
1997  [Trio] 35mm. 100min.
1999  [Judgement] 35mm. 26min.
         2nd Korean Film Festival In Australia (2011, Australia)
         Korean Shorfilm Showcase (2011, Russia)
         Special Screening, 5th Festival Franco Coreen du Film (2010, France)
         5th Prague Short Film Festival (2009, Czech Republic)
         '10 Years of Indiestory' Festival(2008, HongKong)
         7th Best of Short Films Festival (2007, France)
         Korean Panorama, 23rd Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (2001, France)
         Wide Angle, 4th Pusan Int'l Film Festival (1999, Korea)
2000  [JSA Joint Security Area] 35mm. 109min.
         Competition, 51st Berlin Int’l Film Festival (2001, Germany)
         Grandprix/Best Actor, 3rd Asian Film Festival of Deauville (2001, France)
2002  [Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance] 35mm. 121min.
         Int’l Forum, 53rd Berlin Int’l Film Festival (2003, Germany)
2003  [Old Boy] 35mm, 120min.
         Best Director’s Award, 56th Cannes Int’l Film Festival (2003, France)
2004  [Three… Extremes] 35mm, omnibus, 126min.
2004  [If You Were Me “N.E.P.A.L..”] 35mm, color, omnibus, 110min.
         47th London Film Festival (2003, UK) 
         27th Göteborg Film Festival (2004, Sweden)
2005  [Sympathy for Lady Vengeance] 35mm, 112min.
         Best Actress, 38th Sitges-Int'l Film Festival of Catalonia (2005, Spain)
         62nd Venice Int’l Film Festival (2005, Italy)
2006  [I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK] 35mm, 105min.
         Alfred Bauer Prize, 57th Berlin Int’l Film Festival (2007, Germany)
2009 [Thirst] 35mm, 133min.
        Jury Prize, 62nd Cannes International Film Festival (2009, France)