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Old Miners' Song

1999, Color, 50', Documentary
Dir: AHN Se-jeong, YU Hong-goo, LEE Mi-young
Keyword: Rights


Film Awards
The 14th Fribourg Int'l Film Festival (2000,Switzerland)
The 4th Busan International Film Festival (1999,Korea)
The 4th Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (1999,Korea)
The 25th Korean Indie & Short Film Festival (1999,Korea)
The 4th Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (1999,Korea)
The 3rd Seoul Int'l Documentary Video & Film Festival (1999,Korea)
"Sabuk" region is located deep in the Taebaek Mountains. Once a promising town with a flourishing coal-mining industry, it is slowly transforming into ruins, due to government' policy for decreasing coal production and subsequent closing of collieries by the firms.
In "Sabuk", two kinds of people exist now, those who are leaving and those who can't leave. The Old Miner's Song uses driving snow in the middle of winter as its backdrop, to display the harsh nature of the layoff process in a destitute coal mine town.
Director's Note
In the fall, 1996, we set up preparing to make a documentary about silicosis patients in "Sabuk", one of the mine villages located in Northeast of Korea. By the time, the mine villages in that area was disappearing as coal deposits had been exhausted.
We wondered about the thoughts of the remained miners and their families leading an unstable, unpromising lives in Sabuk, which would be perished in 2 or 3 years.
In the following spring, 1997, we went there with our cameras and we were informed of the rumor that declining mining company would be bankrupted and the mine closed. At the end of that year, the rumor came true.

We contained a story about miners' of "Che-il" company, one of the subordinary mining companies. In doing so, we wanted to grab the real moments of the people there, who were destined to be forget from the world.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Mi-young

Born in 1975, Cheongju, Chubuk, Korea
Graduated from Korea Univ. Dept. of German Literature

1999  [Old Miners' Song] DV 6mm, color, 50min.

- YU Hong-goo
Born in 1977, Jinju, Kyungnam, Korea
Studied Psychology in Korea Univ. 

1999  [Old Miners' Song] DV 6mm, color, 50min.
- AHN Se-jeong

Born in 1976, Seoul, Korea
Studied at Han-kyu-reh video school
Studied English Literature Korea Univ.

1999  [Old Miners' Song] DV 6mm, color, 50min.