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I Hazily Knew It

2006, Color, 16'29", Live Action
Dir: SHIN Ji-young
Keyword: Drama, Women, Romance


Film Awards
The 5th Jeju Film Festival (2006,Korea)
The 23th Busan Asian Short Film Festival, Competition (2006,Korea)
There are people talking a lot and eating unconsciously.
And the radio is saying along with other noise at the same time.
What I can remember is that love is still here just like a miracle.
Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- SHIN Ji-young

Born in 1982, Seoul
Graduated from Hongik Univ., Dept. of Design & Art / Film, Video & Moving image
Graduate School of The Korean National University of Arts, Dept. of Film & Multimedia

2005  [I Hazily Knew It] digi-beta, color, 16'29"
           Competition, Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2006, Korea)
           Daum Youth Voice Media Festival (2005, Korea)

Director/screenwriter/editor: SHIN Ji-young
Producer: KIM tae-young
Production: Hongik University
Assistant Director: SONG Hyun-chang/RA Ho-young
Cinematography/lighting: LEE Seok-min
Composer: KIM In-young
Mixing: KIM Jin-hee/KIM Jung-hun
Art: SEO Hyo-jung
LEE Seung-yeon as Sun-joo
HAN Seung-yeop as Moo-jin
KIM Ja-young as Aunt