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A Little Indian Boy

2002, Color, 13'30", Live Action
Dir: CHO Chang-ho
Keyword: Drama


A disabled boy and his sister live in the seashore.
She works in the coffee shop and worries about the boy since he always sits alone in the beach, even though cautioning him not to.
After she hasn’t come back home because of her customer, the boy doesn’t show up any more…
Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- CHO Chang-ho

Born in 1972, Hong-chun
Graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts

2002  [A Little Indian Boy] 35mm, color, 13ཚ"
2005  [The Peter Pan Formula] 35mm, color, 108min.
           Sundance Film Festival (2006, USA)
           56th Berlin Int’l Film Festival (2006, Germany)
           Jury’s Award, 8th Deauville Asian Film Festival (2006, France)
2007  [Fly Away, Chicken!-an episode of omnibus film; Fantastic Fantastic Parasuicides] HD, color, 92min (24min)
          22nd Leeds International Film Festival (2008, UK)
          24th Warsaw Int’l FilmFest (2008, Poland)
          4th InD Panda International Shorts Festival (2008, HongKong)
          55th Sydney International Film Festival (2008, Australia)
          34th Seattle Int’l Film Festival (2008, USA)
          4th Riverside International Film Festival (2008, USA)           
          6th Festival of Korean Cinema In Italy (2008, Italy)
           D-cinema, 10th Barcelona Asian Film Festival (2008, Spain)
           The Storm and Stress, 37th Int’l Film Festival Rotterdam (2008, The Netherlands)           
           Wide Angle, 12th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2007, Korea)
2010   [Lovers Vanished] 35mm, color, 104min. 

2015   [Another Way] 90min. 


director/writer: CHO Chang-ho
cinematographer: KIM Yong-chul
editor: KIM Sun-min
lighting: LEE Dong-gyu
sound mixing: LEE Sung-jin
sound recording: CHOI Dae-sung
KIM Tae-sun as boy
LEE Yu-jin as sister