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1997, Color, 15', Live Action
Dir: KIM Ji-hoon
Keyword: Drama


Film Awards
The 2nd Int’l Short Film Festival (2000,Korea)
The 45th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (1999,Germany)
The 4th Seoul Short Film Festival (1997,Korea)
Daily routine of an old man living alone in a small apartment; laundry chore, reading newspapers, listening to the radio, learning a new song, chatting with a guard, etc.
Despite a little trouble caused by a fading memory, the old man enjoys just another peaceful and quiet day filled with activities.
Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Ji-hoon

Born in 1971 in Daegu, Korea
Graduated from Hanyang University, Theater and Film Art Dept.

1996  [The Aquarium] 16mm
1996  [Egoism] 16mm
1997  [Greenhouse] 16mm, 15min.
           2nd Seoul Int'l Short Film Festival (2000, Korea)
           Competition, 45th Oberhausen Int'l Short Film Festival (1999, Germany)
           4th Seoul Short Film Festival (1997, Korea) 
2004  [Mokpo, Gangsters' Paradise] 35mm, color, 114min.

director/script/editor : KIM Ji-hoon
producer : LEE soon-tae
assistant director : MIN Dal-rae
photography : CHOI Jin-woong
sound mixing : TAE Yo-chan
sound design : KIM Ji-hoon
AHN Won-bock as old man
MIN Young-ki as delivery man
PARK Bum-jin as janitor