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Are You Seeing Anyone

2002, Color, 23', Live Action
Dir: KIM Hyung-joo
Keyword: Drama, Romance


Tae-hoon who has a reflective mind and doesn't have any interest except his own work, falls in love with a girl named Yoo-mi whom he met at his birthday party. He tries to meet her again when he got her phone number from his friend but...
Director's Note
Loneliness, fluttering heart, awkwardness... I wanted to represent common feelings, those we can feel easily from our daily lives, by simple touch.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Hyung-joo

Born in Pusan
Graduated from Hanyang Univ. Dept. of Film and Theater 

1997  [Forever] 16mm, color, 3min., animation
           [The Shadow] DV 6mm, color, 10min.
1998  [Blind Point] 16mm, color, 13min.
2001  [The Way of the Blade] 16mm, color, 14min.
           IndieForum, Korean Independent Film & Video Makers’ Forum (2001, Korea)
2002  [Are You Seeing Anyone] DV 6mm, color, 23min.

Director/screenplay/music: KIM Hyung-joo
Cinematographer: CHANG In-woo
Editor: KANG Suk-hoon
Lighting: LEE Jong-chul
Mixing: KONG Tae-won
Recording: OH Min-ho
KIM Tae-hoon as Tae-hoon
JUNG Yu-mi as Yoo-mi