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To the Spring Mountain

2002, Color, 21'45", Live Action
Dir: LEE Ji-heng
Keyword: Drama, Women


Film Awards
The 4th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul (2002,Korea)
The 7th Busan International Film Festival (2002,Korea)
The 19th Busan Asian Short Film Festival, Competition (2002,Korea)
A mother and a daughter climb up an unknown mountain with the dead body of the father. The father’s last request was to be buried somewhere on this mountain. Unfortunately, it is illegal to bury people there because the site is now an army operation area. After a hard journey they arrive at the site, but no one knows what awaits them there.
Director's Note
I wanted to talk about the peculiarity of the meaning of “family”. At some point in your life, you think that you can never reconcile with your family. But, you also get to know the fact that you’ve got to live with them and you love them in spite of all the troubles they cause. In this film, two women climb up a mountain with the father’s dead body. The dead body could be metaphor for anything you feel as your burden in your life. And you know there are some burdens you never be able to face away from it. In this film, it’s your own father. That’s life.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Ji-heng

Born in 1974, Gwangju
Graduated from California Institute of the Arts, Live Action

1999  [The Partners] 16mm, b/w, 1ཆ"
           [The Plant] video, b/w, 15min.
2002  [To the Spring Mountain] 35mm, color, 21ཀྵ"
           Filmasia: Asian Film Festival (2004, Romania)
           Wide Angle, 7th Pusan Int'l Film Festival (2002, Korea)
           Competition, Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2002, Korea)
           Competition, 4th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (2002, Korea)
2004  [Tiger Project] DV 6mm, color, 26min.
          The 15th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (2016,Korea)

Shorts Competition, 25th Hawaii Int’l Film Festival (2005, USA)
2nd CJ Asian Independent Film Festival (2005, Korea)
Competition, 4th Jeju Film Festival (2005, Korea)
Short Competition, 1st Real Fantastic Film Festival (2005, Korea)
Competition, 4th Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2005, Korea)
Competition, 7th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (2005, Korea)
Competition, 2nd Asiana Int’l Short Film Festival (2004, Korea)
Audience Award, Resfest Digital Film Festival (2004, Korea)

director/writer: LEE Ji-heng
producerVKIM Dong-hwan
cinematographerVLEE Seung-hyup
lighting: LEE Seung-hyup
assistant director: JUNG Su-jin
editor : MOON In-dae
sound recording: LEE Tae-gyu
music: YOO Hee-yeol
art director : JANG Jung-sook
animation: JEONG Seok-whan
sound design: HWANG Jin-soo, JUNG Ji-young
ADR editor : KIM Soo-duk
MOON So-ri as Jung-woo
LEE Seung-ok as Jung-woo’s mother
LEE Gye-young