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Young Ja

2001, Color, 23'45, Live Action
Dir: KIM Won-tae
Dae-choon who is in his late 30s has had a harsh life. He meets a bar girl named Young-ja, pays her debts, and asks her to go to his hometown. He wants her to earn money there and to pay him back. His parents are happy because they think they will have a pretty and young daughter-in-law. However, it is not easy for her to live in the countryside.
Director's Note
When people hear the names Romeo and Juliet, they expect specific stories or situations due to the background or image of the names. In Korea, there are Chul-soo and Young-hee who stand for regular or standard characters in our school texts. These names have distinct its own characters or images to my generations.
I wanted to adopt a specific character that is familiar with people and has a strong image. That is Young-ja. Young-ja is one of the most famous characters in 70s and 80s movies.
This film was made by the character Young-ja. When you figure out her role in this film, you will feel how much this character has a power to describe this movie well.
I wanted to draw a character like Young-ja.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Won-tae
Born in Ahn-Dong
Graduated from Dankook University, Dept of Film and Theater

2000 [Lap Time] 16mm, color, 25min.
2001 [Young-ja] 16mm, color, 23'45"
         1st Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2002, Korea)
         27th Korean Independent Film Festival (2001, Korea)
director/writer/editor: KIM Won-tae
assistant director: KIM Hyung-seok
cinematographer: JO Jung-yeoun
lighting: LEE Jin-seo/CHOI Boung-hun
sound recording: CHOI Jong-houng
art director/sound mixing: WONG Sung-ik
BAE Su-jin as Young-ja
JUNG In-gi as Dae-choon
KIM Gi-cheon as Father
KIM Jin-koo as Mother