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2019, Color, 1'55", Documentary
Dir: KIM Sung-min
Keyword: Children, Youth, Rights
Release: 2020-11-12
Film Awards
The 8th Muju Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 20th Seoul Independent Documentary Film&Video Festival (2020,Korea)
The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 11th DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival (2019,Korea)


On April 4th, 2000, Joon-won, Choi Yong-jin’s second daughter, disappears from a playground near home. 

As time passes, the father’s desperation to find Joon-won turns into guilt of failing to protect her. Meanwhile, 

Joon-sun, his first daughter, watches her family’s tragedy in silence, and still cannot leave her father’s side even as an adult.

By the fifth volume of Choi’s investigation notes that he wrote while chasing Joon-won, 

an unexpected witness appears, which prompts the police to reinvestigate the case in seventeen years. 

With a glimmer of hope to find Joon-won, a subtle tension arises between Joon-sun and her father.


Director's Note


When a child disappears, everything is left to the family. 

People consider missing child case as a grave misfortune that won’t typically happen, 

saying the parents’ tireless effort is wasted in the vain hopes of finding the already lost children.

How old would she be if she were alive?”

With plain sympathy, people ask so easily. If. She. Were. Alive.

The families are still searching every corner of the nation for their missing children. 

Standing on the verge of life, they go on another today.

This documentary film confronts the issue that the society has long neglected 

through a story of a family that is becoming gradually isolated from the world.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Sung-min




연출           김성민 KIM Sung-min

제작사         미들 Middle

프로듀서       안지환 AHN Jee-hwan

조연출         한상진 HAN Sang-jin, 엄지수 UM Ji-su

촬영            양정훈 YANG Jung-hun

편집            손연지 SON Yeon-ji, 안지환 AHN Jee-hwan

사운드          정성환 JUNG Sung-hwan

음악            조광호 CHO Kwang-ho

D.I.             임학수 LIM Hak-su