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Move the Grave

2019, Color, 94', Live Action
Dir: JEONG Seung-o
Keyword: Drama, Family
Release: 2020-03-25


Film Awards
The 35th Warsaw International Film Festival (2019,Poland)
The 7th Incheon Independent Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 3rd Wonju Rooftop Film Festival (2019,South Korea)
The 6th Catholic Film Festival (2019,korea)
The 10th Women's Film Festival in Gwangju (2019,South Korea)
The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 20th Jeju Women's Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 20th Jeonju International Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 7th Muju Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 18th New York Asian Film Festival (2019,USA)
The 15th Incheon Women's Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 14th Korean Film Festival in Paris (2019,France)

Hye-young receives a letter of notification that her father's grave should be forcibly removed due to modernization projects. Hye-young and the sisters are gathered in a long time, but only the brother cannot reach easily. 

Director's Note

I think that no one came into the patriarchal system with their own will. I wanted to deal with my curiosity about this generation and the theme of family that I have been studied so far. 

Director's Bio / Filmography
- JEONG Seung-o

Born in 1986, Incheon, South Korea. He has directed 5 shorts which include Birds Fly Back to the Nest (2016). Move the grave is his first feature film.

2013 [My Sweet Home] 25’8”
28th Belfort International Film Festival EntreVues (2013, France)
14th Jeonju International Film Festival (2013, Korea)
18th IndieForum (2013, Korea)
8th University Film Festival of Korea (2013, Korea)
1st Incheon Independent Film Festival (2013, Korea)
2015 [Dreaming Child] 20’
19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2015, Korea)
2nd Incheon Independent Film Festival (2014, Korea)
2016 [Birds Fly Back to the Nest] 21ཕ"
47th Tampere Film Festival (2017, Finland)
37th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2016, Korea)
42th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
10th Evergreen Short Film Festival (2016, Korea)
6th Chungmuro Short Film Festival, Project Prize (2016, korea)
16th Korea Youth Film Festival (2016, Korea)
5th Busan Women's Film Festivlal, Second Prize (2016, Korea)
4th Incheon Independent Film Festival, in-Film Prize (2016, Korea)
3rd Catholic Film Festival, Participation Prize (2016, Korea)
11th London Korean Film Festival (2016, UK)
3rd Sa-ram Sa-neun Se-sang Film Festival (2016, Korea)
3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival, Grand Prize (2016, Korea)
18th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2016, Korea)
15th Mise-en-scène’s Short Film Festival, Jury Prize&Jury Prize acting categories&Mise-en-scène award (2016, Korea)
18th The Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2017, Korea)
2017 [Kidults] 22’53”
22nd IndieForum (2017, Korea)
5th Incheon Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
7th Goyang Smart Film Festival (2017, Korea)
17th Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
6th Gwangju Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
19th Busan Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
2018 [Long-running] 9’4”
19th Jeonju International Film Festival (2018, Korea)
7th Toronto Korean Film Festival (2018, Canada)
8th Seoul PRIDE Film Festival