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Film adventure

2019, Color, 86'45", Live Action
Dir: LEE Sang-deok
Keyword: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2019-12-12


Film Awards
The 23th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2019,Korea)

Actor ”young-hwa” live happily with lover “Ah-yun” and cat “Theo”.

But when you get used to it, you make more mistakes.  “Young-hwa” feels like something is blocked from acting and life.

“Young-hwa” is a fights against “Ah-hyun” and gets kicked out of the house.
And whether by accident or fate, I meet three acquaintances for a day. A strange day in which the present and the memories he knew overlap.

Who is the “young-hwa” thinking now?
Director's Note

We are certainly losing their present. 

Of course, sometimes you miss a lot. 
Let's just focus on the moment we don't come back.
I can think about something that is precious to me now.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Sang-deok

2013 [Paradise] 21’49”

2014 [Bluemonday of Women] 20’1”
2016 [Write or Dance] 101min.
42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
31st Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (2017, Japan)
2019 [Film adventure] 87min.
23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korean Fantastic: Competition
LG HiEntech Best Korean Fantasic Film
Korean Fantastic Best Actor (CHO Hyunchul) (2019, Korea)
45th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2019, Korea)