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To My River

2018, Color, 89', Live Action
Dir: PARK Kun-young
Keyword: Drama, Romance
Release: 2019-04-04


Film Awards
The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (2018,Korea)
The 6th Muju Film Festival (2018,Korea)
The 18th Jeonbuk International Film & Video Festival, grand prize (2018,Korea)
The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2018,Korea)

Jin-ah, a young poet preparing to publish her first poetry, cannot write any more lately. Her old lover, Gil-woo, is in a coma due to an accident falling in the Han River, but Ki-yoon, an old friend, still keeps her carefully. The consolation of the people around Jin-ah makes her feel more isolated, but she has to lead her own life. She recalls their memories and that flow to the day before the accident.

Director's Note

Tragedy never passes. How can we do our best to mourn?
I wanted to express about remembering emotions.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- PARK Kun-young

(2015) 29min
3th Saram Film Festival 
17th Jeonju International Film Festival
15th JeonBuk Independent Film Festival, Excellence Award


(2017) 89min
19th Jeonju International Film Festival
6th Muju Film Festival
18th JeonBuk Independent Film Festival, grand prize
44th Seoul Independent Film Festival



Director/Script: Kun-young PARK
Producer: Kun-young PARK
Cinematography: Kun-young PARK
Lighting: Kun-young PARK
Editing: Kun-young PARK
Recording: Kun-young PARK
Art: Kun-young PARK
D.I: Kun-young PARK
Mixing: Kun-young PARK 


Jin-ah Jin-ah GANG
Gil-woo Gil-woo GANG
Gil-woo GANG Ki-yoon HAN