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Back from the Beat

2018, B&W, 67', Live Action
Dir: CHOI Chang-hwan
Keyword: Drama, Rights, Romance
Release: 2019-03-07


Film Awards
The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival, CGV Arthouse Award (2018,Korea)
The 13th London Korean Film Festival (2018,UK)
The 18th Jeonbuk International Film & Video Festival (2018,Korea)
The 44th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2018,Korea)

Min-kyu, who works at an express delivery service company, dreams of becoming a professional DJ. Min-kyu is preparing for his first DJ performance at his friend Ji-hong's club, yet Ji-hong considers him as just a friend. Min-kyu's girlfriend, Si-eun is displeased with how Min-kyu handles the situation passively. Meanwhile, Si-eun, who works as a teacher at an art school that her senior runs, finds her work stressful because of the workload that her senior demands.

Director's Note

Even no Shadow

Director's Bio / Filmography
- CHOI Chang-hwan

2008 [Life on Call] 28min.
34th Seoul Independent Film Festival(2008,Korea)
10th Dae-gu Short Film Festival(2009,Korea)
3rd Cinema Digital Seoul (2009, Korea)
14th Indieforum(2009, Korea) 


2011 [Even no shadow], 36min
17th Indieforum(2012, Korea)
12th Daegu Short Film Festival(2011, Korea)


2018 [Back from the Beat] 67min
19th Jeonju International Film Festival, CGV Arthouse Award (2018, Korea)
13th The London Korean Film Festival (2018, UK)
18th JeonBuk Independent Film Festival(2018, Korea)

44th Seoul Independent Film Festival(2018, Korea)



Directed by    CHOI Chang-hwan
Written by   CHOI Chang-hwan
Production   KWON Hyunjun
Assistant Director   KIM Hyunjung, JANG Byungki
Cinematography    KO Hyunseok
Lighting    JEON Sangjin
Recording   KWON Minryeong
Art     KIM Eunyoung, HWANG Young
Editing    CHOI Changhwan
Mixing    Luke Sound
Music    CHOI Changhwan
D.I.    JEON Sangjin 


KWAK Minkyu as KWAK Minkyu
KIM See-eun as KIM See-eun
PARK Jihong as PARK Jihong