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Black Cut

2000, B&W, 32', Live Action
Dir: LEE Dong-ha
Hyung-gook just graduated from University and has not yet found anything that interests him. He is still having a hard time adjusting himself into society. Like black cuts cutting our eyes in this film, he confronts the harsh reality blocking him.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Dong-ha

Born in 1972, Pusan, Korea
Graduated from YonSei Univ., Dept. of Korean Language & Literature
Graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts, Dept. of Film Directing

1996  [The Window on a Road] 16mm, color, 16min.
1998  [Love] 16mm, color/b&w, 22min.
          Special Screening, 10th Sao Paulo Int'l Short Film Festival (1999, Brazil)
          IndieForum, Korea Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (1998, Korea)
          Encouragement Award, 24th Korea Youth Short Film Festival (1998, Korea)
           [Forever] 16mm, color, 35min.
2000  [Black Cut] 35mm, b&w, 32min.
          Wide Angle, 5th Pusan Int'l Film Festival (2000, Korea)

producer: YANG Chang-hoon
screenwriter/director: LEE Dong-ha
cinematography: SUNG Jong-mu
lighting: KIM Kye-joong
location sound recordist: NOH Chun-kil
art director: LEE Dong-eun
makeup/costume: KANG Tae-in
editor: KIM Sun-min
LIM Hyung-gook as Hyung-gook
CHOI Deok-moon as Hyung-gook' friend
MOON So-ri as Mi-sook
JUNG Ji-hwan, PARK Hong-kyu as Young Man
KIM Jin-man as Hyung-gook's Senior