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2014, Color, 37'34", Live Action
Dir: KWON Hyun-ju
Keyword: Drama, Aged, Women, Rights, Family


Film Awards
The 12th Seoul International Agape Film Festival (2015,korea)
The 17th Cinefondation-Festival de Cannes (2014,France)
The 10th Jeju Film Festival (2014,Korea)
The 15th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2014,Korea)
Su-in who has been taking care of her mother in coma. Her daily life is pretty much the same. She starts her day at the steel bed in hospital. Taking a pill, cleaning, having a breakfast, goingto see her mother twice a day. Every day gets boring and exhausting, and Su-in finally sees the paper which authorizes the pausing of life suspension device.
Director's Note
When someone's 'breathing' stops, someone else gets to finally 'breathe'. Even though how cruel it may sound, this might be the rule of life and the wisest method of living.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- KWON Hyun-ju

Graduated from Hongik Univ., Dept. of Theater & Film

Majoring in Film Making, Master of Fine Arts, Doctoral Programs in Chung-Ang Univ.

2005 [Hey, Jude] DV 6mm, color, 35min., 
EBS Open Documentary
2006 [One Day, inside the Trunk] 16mm, color, 17min.
Wide Angle, 11th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2006, Korea)
Competition, 1st Busan Universiade for Digital Contents (2006, Korea)
First Prize, 1st SAC Youth Mobile Visual Arts Festival (2006, Korea)
7th Public Access Festival (2007, Korea)
The Second Prize : films, 3th Jeju Int’l Delphic Games (2007)
2008 [Street People] HD, color, 9’50”
Competition, 3rd Seoul International Family Festival (2009, Korea) 
5th Parvin Etesami Women Film Festival (2009, Iran)
Wide Angle, 13th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2008, Korea)
2014 [Breath] 37’34”
12th Seoul International Agape Film Festival (2015,korea)
Jeju Film Festival (2014, Korea)
Competiition, 15th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2014, Korea)
17th Cinefondation - Festival de Cannes (2014, France)
2017 [Luncheon] 30’17”
Director/ Screenwriter KWON Hyun-ju
Producer KISON Sun-ok
Assistant director PARK Jun-sik
Cinematography LEE Jung-bae
Editing MIN Tae-young/KANG Gyeong-ho
Lighting SONG Jae-wan
Composer HWANG Sang-jun
Sound JUN Sang-jun/PARK Hyun-su
Art LEE Min-bok
LEE Seung-yeon as Su-in
WOO Ki-hong as Older Brother
YEO Young-ja as Mother