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To Be

1996, Color, 4', Live Action
Dir: PARK Chan-ok
Hee-jung notices that her underwear pops out and dresses neatly hurriedly. She is on the lookout for a man who looks sneaky but he hasn’t done anything. At that time, Hee-jung finds that a boy has been touching her and feels very unpleasant. However when she touches a woman’s butt by mistake, Hee-jung feels an impulse to touch her butt again.
Director's Note
There appears one woman who touches another woman’s butt. I want audiences to read the woman’s victim mentality which is in her mind. I think the victim mentality happens because of sexual pressure, not because of one’s sexual taste. Now some people are confused of this, but I will support them and I love the woman who is in the subway in this film.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- PARK Chan-ok
Born in 1968, Gu-rye
Graduated from Hanyang Univ. Dept of Theater and Film
Graduated from Graduate School, Korean National University of Arts, graduate school

1994  [Cat Woman & Man] 16mm, color, 14min.
1996  [To be] 16mm, color, 4min.
           15th Aichi Int'l Women's Film Festival (2010, Japan)
           Excellent Award & Audience Award, 1st Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (1997, Korea)
1998  [Heavy] 16mm, color, 20min.
           Sunjae Award (Best Short), 3rd Pusan Int’l Film Festival (1999, Korea)
1999  [Performance Experience] beta, color, 18min.
2002  [Jealous Is My Middle Name] 35mm, color, 124min., feature
           Tiger Award, Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival (2003, The Netherlands)
           5th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (2003, Korea)
           New Currents Award, 7th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2002, Korea)
2005  [Warm Swamp] 35mm, color, 22min.
           8th Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (2006, Korea)
           19th Singapore Int’l Film Festival (2006, Singapore)
           New Currents, 10th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2005, Korea)
           Dragons and Tigers Series, 23rd Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (2004, Canada)
           Korean Shorts: Critic’s Week, 5th Jeonju Int’l Film Festival (2004, Korea)
2009  [Paju] HD, color, 111min
Director/screenwriter PARK Chan-ok
Cinematography KIM Yong-kyun
Lighting JUNG Yun-chul
Recording KIM Jin-sang

HAN Hee-jung as Woman 1
KIM Ik-kyung as Woman 2
KIM Man-sik as Man 1
LIM Chul-seung as Man 2