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The King of Pigs

2011, Color, 97', Animation
Dir: YEUN Sang-ho
Keyword: Thriller, Youth
Release: 2011-11-03


Film Awards
The 16th Holland Animation Film Festival (2013,The Netherlands)
The 36th Göteborg International Film Festival (2013,Sweden)
The 12th Monstra – Lisbon Animation Film Festival (2013,Portugal)
The 6th CinemAsia Film Festival (2013,The Netherlands)
ANIRMAU Animation Film Festival, Filmmax Award (2013,Spain)
The 29th IMAGINE Film Festival (2013,The Netherlands)
Korean Cinema Today in Berlin (2013,Germany)
Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival, Best Screenplay Award (2013,Spain)
The 15th Eskisehir International Film Festival (2013,Turkey)
The 23th Zagreb-World Festival of Animated Films (2013,Croatia)
The 4th RabbitFest Animation Film Festival (2013,Italy)
The 61th Donostia San Sebastian International Film Festival (2013,Spain)
AniMacao Animation Festival (2013,Macao)
The 21th ANIMA MUNDI - International Animation Festival of Brazil (2013,Brazil)
The 32th ANIMA- Brussel International Animation Festival (2013,Belgium)
The 44th CANNES Directors' Fortnight (2012,France)
The 16th Busan International Film Festival (2011,Korea)
HWANG Kyung-min, the thirties, on the verge of bankruptcy businessman and JUNG Jong-suk, a prospective writer were classmates at a middle school. After Kyung-min killed his wife, he found his classmate, Jong-suk in fifteen years. They talk about their school days, but they are hiding that they are in a difficult situation now.
In their school days, there were class distinctions among students. Jong-suk and Kyung-min called rich and good students ‘dogs’ and called other students who were suffering and got the go-by in the class ‘pigs’.
In that tired life, there were a lot of unfair and upset affairs, but Jong-suk and Kyung-min couldn’t resist ‘dogs’. One day, KIM Chul appeared in front of them, and he fought against ‘dogs’ with his own vicious temper and power. Jong-suk and Kyung-min believed that he was only hope who liberated them from that situation.
Jong-suk and Kyung-min meet in fifteen years and talk about KIM Chul, their hero in school days. Fifteen years ago, what happened between them and their hero?
Director's Note
We live in the awful world where the haves have all and the have-nots lose all.
We feel terrible, depressed and anger about this world, and we always dream the hero who resolves all the problems. But perhaps dreaming hero means that we lose our self-confidence and dump that problem on someone else. And perhaps if that hero exists, he could be who we make.
I think that this hero is also human being, but do we wish he is just hero not human, and does this attitude make us unhappy more?
I hope that those thoughts and feelings show in the violence in school.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- YEUN Sang-ho

Born in 1978, Seoul
Graduated from Sangmyung University, Dept of Painting 

2000  [D-Day] DV 6mm, color, 10min. 
          15th Broke in Seoul Video Festival (2001, Korea)
2003  [The Hell] digi-beta, color, 11min. 
          Asian Ghost Award, Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (2003, Japan) 
          IndieForum, Korean Independent Film & Video Makers’ Forum (2003, Korea)
          29th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2003, Korea)
          5th Jeonju Int’l Film Festival (2004, Korea) 
          Seoul Net & Film Festival (2004, Korea)
2006  [The Hell (Two Kinds of Life)] digi-beta, color, 34ཇ"
          11th Aiana International Short Film Festival (2013, Korea)
          1st InDPolar Int'l Animation Festival (2012, Hong Kong)
          Competition, 5th Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          10th Puchon Int’l Fantastic Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          Competition, 4th Asiana Int’l Short Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          Opening Film, 2nd Indie Anifest (2006, Korea)
2008  [Love Is Protein] digi-beta, color, 23’ 33”
           1st InDPolar Int'l Animation Festival (2012, Hong Kong)
           Korean film series at the Museum of Arts and Design (2011, USA)
           14th Guanajuato Int'l Film Festival (2011, Mexico)
           Competition, 7th Curtocircuit Int'l Short Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela (2009, Spain)
           3rd Mauvais International Genre Film Festival (2009, France)
           Int'l Showcase, 13th Cartoons on the Bay - Int'l Festival on Television (2009, Italy)
           9th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2008, Korea)
           4th Indie Anifest (2008, Korea)
           7th Jeju Film Festival (2008, Korea)
           2nd Cinema Digital Seoul2008 (2008, Korea)
           Indiforum, Korean Independent Film & Video Makers’ Forum (2008, Korea)
           Competition, 7th Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2008, Korea)
2011 [The King of Pigs] HD, color, 97min. 
         AniMacao Animation Festival (2013, Macao)
         61st San Sebastian International Film Festival (2013, Spain)
         21st Anima Mundi-International Animation Festival of Brazil (2013, Brazil)
         4th RabbitFest Animation Film Festival (2013, Italy)
         23rd World Festival of Animated Films Zagreb (2013, Croatia)
         15th Eskisehir International Film Festival (2013, Turkey)
          Best Screenplay Award, Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival (2013, Spain)
          KOREAN CINEMA TODAY (2013, Germany)
          29th IMAGINE Film Festival (2013, The Netherlands)
          Filmax Award, ANIRMAU Animation Film Festival (2013, Spain)
          6th CinemAsia Film Festival (2013, The Netherlands)
         16th Holland Animation Film Festival (2013, The Netherlands)
         12th Monstra – Lisbon Animation Film Festival (2013, Portugal)
         32nd Anima-Brussels International Animation Film Festival (2013, Belgium)
         36th Göteborg International Film Festival (2013, Sweden)
         Special Recognition Award – River Admiration Award, Feature Animation section, Silent River Film Festival (2012, USA)
         45th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2012, Spain)
         61st Melbourne International Film Festival (2012, Australia)
         Satoshi Kon Award for Achievement in Animation, New Flesh Award for Best First Feature – Special Mention, Feature Film Spotlights – Axis: The Fantasia Animation Showcase, 16th Fantasia International Film Festival (2012, Canada)
         47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2012, Czech Republic)
         11th New York Asian Film Festival (2012, USA)
         66th Edinburgh International Film Festival (2012, UK)
         17th Los Angeles Film Festival (2012, USA)
         59th Sydney Film Festival (2012, Australia)
         Annecy International Animated Film Festival (2012, France)
         Directors’ Fortnight, Festival de Cannes 2012 (2012, France)
         NETPAC Award, CGV Movie Collage Award, Best Director Award by Director's Guild of Korea, 16th Busan Int’l Film Festival (2011, Korea) 

2012  [Window] HD, color, 28min.
2013  [Fake] DCP, color, 100min.
2016  [Seoul Station] 93min.
       [Train to Busan] 118min. 

Director/Screenwriter : YEUN Sang-ho
Production : The King of Pigs Production Committee
Co-production : Studio Dadashow
World Sales : INDIESTORY Inc.
Executive Producer : PARK Jeong-hwan, LEE Eung-chul
Producer : CHO Young-kag
Production Committee : Stanley KWAK, KIM Il-kwon, CHO Young-kag, Susan CHAE
Original Character : CHOI Gyu-seok
Character Design : YEUN Sang-ho, KIM Chang-soo
Art Director : WOO Je-keun
Editor : YEUN Sang-ho, LEE Yeun-jeong
Composer : EOM Been (MF-ars)
Sound Supervisor : LEE Jun-bae
Sound Design : Anima Sound
YANG Ik-june as JUNG Jong-suk
OH Jeong-se as HWANG Kyung-min
KIM Hye-na as KIM Chul
PARK Hee-von as young HWANG Kyung-min
KIM Kkobbi as young JUNG Jong-suk