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One Step More to the Sea

2009, Color, 90', Live Action
Dir: CHE Ji-young
Keyword: Drama, Youth, Women, Romance, Family
Release: 2009-05-21


Film Awards
The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea Feature Film Competition (2009,Korea)
The 11th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2009,Korea)
The 8th Jeju Film Festival (2009,Korea)
A growing story of a girl and her mom, that having the sweetest dream of the world.

Won-woo, who lives with her grandmother and mom, suffers from narcolepsy. She constantly feels lonely at school but maintains a vivacious outlook and big dreams for the sake of her mother. One day, for a school project she happens to be paired with Jun-seo, who is one of her biggest teasers. Jun-seo teaches her how to use a camera and ride a bicycle, and Won-woo finds herself feeling attracted to him. She hears a dream-like whistling sound whenever sleep suddenly sets in, allowing her to endure the disastrous incidents. The song disappears when she wakes, by the way, whose sound is it anyway?
Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- CHE Ji-young
Born in 1976, Seoul
Graduated from Gwang-woon Univ., Dept. of English Language & Literature
Graduated School of University of Texas, Austin in USA
Graduated School of The Korean National University of Arts, Dept. of Film

1999  [The Plague] 16mm, b/w, 5min.
2004  [My Name Is Leslie] DV 6mm, color, 15min.
2005  [Stand by Me] 35mm, color, 15min.
          Korean Glow, 38th Tampere International Short Film Festival (2008, Finland)
          Competition, Festival Franco-Coréen du Film (2006, France)
          Competition, 1st Sapporo Short Film Festival (2006, Japan)
          Competition, 36th Tampere Int’l Short Film Festival (2006, Finland)
          Kodak Prize, 31st Seoul Independent Film Festival (2005, Korea)
          2nd Prize in Independent Section, 6th Korea Visual Arts Festival (2005, Korea)
          2nd CJ Asian Independent Film Festival (2005, Korea)
          Shorts Section, 6th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival (2005, Korea)
          Second Prize, 12th Torino Int’l Women's Film Festival (2005, Italy)
          Competition, 11th Palm Springs Int'l Festival of Short Films (2005, USA)
          Competition, 4th Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2005, Korea)
          Special Mention, Busan Asian Short Film Festival (2005, Korea)
2007  [Secrets & Lies] 35mm, color, 20min.
          20th Filmfest Dresden (2008, Germany)
          11th Expresion en Corto International Short Film Festival (2008, Mexico)
          Int’l Perspective of Short Films, 31st São Paulo Int’l Film Festival (2007, Brazil)
          11th Puchon Int’l Fantastic Film Festival (2007, Korea)
2008 [One Step More to the Sea] HD, color, 90min.
          8th Jeju Film Festival (2009, Korea)
          11th Seoul Int’l Youth Film Festival (2009, Korea)
          10th Jeonju Int’l Film Festival (2009, Korea)
Director/screenplay :CHE Ji-young
Production : MBC Dramanet Co.Ltd.
Co-production : INDIESTORY Inc.
Producer : KIM Il-kwon
Cinematography : SHIN Kyoung-won
Lighting : JU Sung-lim
Production Designer : KIM Sun-mi
Editing : KANG Mi-ja
Composer :KWON Se-young
Mixing : KIM Su-hyun
Recording : JO Woo-jin
Costumes : BAE Sang-hee
Make-up : KIM Jung-mi
KIM Ye-ri as Won-woo
PARK Ji-young as Yeon-hee
KIM Young-jae as Sun-jae
HONG Jong-hyun as Jun-seo